Thursday, October 14, 2010

Think Pink For Future Generations

Welcome to my first blog post!  This is a special day because not only is it my first post, but I finished my project to enter into the Cricut Circle Blog Think Pink contest.  This layout was so much fun to do but let me begin by telling you that it did NOT turn out the way I originally intended.  I'll bet that's happened a time or two  to most of you as well.  <grin>

 When I read that the theme of the contest was going to be Think Pink  I was motivated for three reasons.  First is to support the fight against a devastating  disease like breast cancer and second is that I love the idea of celebrating the strength of women.  Our strength is often underestimated.  The third reason is that I love, love, love the color pink and one of my favorite color combinations is black and pink.  It reminds me of that candy, Good & Plenty.  I knew right away the focal point of my project would be my sweet 2 year old grand daughter, Addison.  She is often the inspiration for many of my projects.  I wanted to create a whimsical piece to frame and display in my craft room that featured Addison surrounded by a Good & Plenty background.
First I printed off a 5 x 7 pic that we had taken of Addy about 3 months ago at a place in our local mall called People Pictures.  They did a fabulous job of capturing her personality.  Next I selected my color pallet which was pretty, black and white.  Instead of cutting out the oval candy shapes like on the Good & Plenty box, I decided on circles.  Using my Gypsy and George, I cut out a mat full of various shapes and sizes of circles.  I cut out two butterflies from the Stamping cartridge.  I wanted to use black and pink ribbon and started rummaging through my stash and was excited to find just what I needed.  It was ribbon I've had forever that I purchased in a big box from Costco several years ago.  Gotta love these contests because they motivate me to actually USE my stuff!!  Amazing!!  Woohoo!!

Ah, but I digress......So I have placed the picture where I want and am playing around with different arrangements of the circle and butterfly embellishments.  All the while I'm looking at Addison's picture and how bright her eyes are.  They are as shiny and bright as I hope her future will be. Then I start to think more about the theme of this contest and how I wish there were a cure for not only breast cancer but all cancer so that Addy's future could be as bright as her beautiful eyes.  My Good & Plenty theme was kicked to the curb as the project took on a life of its own and became Think Pink For Future Generations.  It comes from my heart because I truly do hope and pray for a cure for all of the women who are currently affected and to protect our future generations. 

Thanks so much for stopping by my little place on the web.  Please check back often.  I am looking forward to sharing many more projects and ideas!

Bazzill black paper
Stampin' Up Positively Pink
Generic white paper that I've had for years
Cricut Cartridges:  George, Stamping and Stand and Salute
Prima Flowers
Irock Bling
Costco ribbon
Martha Stuart Bubble Bath Punch Around the Page
Art Institute Glitter (on the butterflies...hard to see in the pic but they sparkle!!)


  1. What a beautiful little girl and layout.

  2. I love it. Beautiful. Congrats on your first blog post.

  3. Nadia, Carla and Nilda - Thank you very much for the nice comments.

  4. Great LO!
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