Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Finds At Tuesday Morning!

Decided to stop by Tuesday Morning today and see what kind of treasures I could find.  There were lots of scrapbooking goodies to sort through and several name brands I recognized.  I bought three packages of Making Memories Curling Tags.  I still love those things!  I saw the Slice but at $129 didn't think the price was discounted all that much.  In the store's flyer they had the Design Runner package that included the machine to create your own text.  It was a great value at $99 but they didn't have any and I already have all that anyway.  In addition to the curling tags I also bought three other items:

The Paper Gator
The Paper Gator is a discontinued item but I don't understand why.  It works fantastic!  I rounded the corners on a stack of text weight paper that was 1/4" thick and it cut through it like butter!  I can see using this tool often when making mini books.  My only disappointment with this purchase was that it only came with the 3/8" blade.  There are 3 other sizes available but since it's discontinued they're very hard to find.  MSRP listed on the box is $49 (I believe that was an error...with 1 cutting blade I found it on the internet for $29).  I purchased it for $19.99 which is a fair price.  I compare it to purchasing the Zutter Round It All for around the same price and it also only cuts one size.  This item will cut such a big stack of paper that it seems to me a better value.

Dremmel Hot Glue Gun
This glue gun has a comfortable grip and feels sturdy.  It has two temperature settings - high and low.  It comes with a couple more nozzle sizes and has a no drip cover.  It has a light. The thing I liked best about it was how nicely designed and well balanced it is.  It is so easy to just set it down and not have to worry about it tipping over. The price is $14.99.  Not the cheapest glue gun I've ever purchased but for the quality it's most definitely a fair price.  I'll bet this gun will be able to handle any project!

 Possibilities Laser Guide & Trimmer
Sometime awhile back I saw a laser ruler in one of my craft mags and really wanted to buy one.  They were not only pricey at $19.99 but never could find them locally and didn't bother to do the internet research to purchase online.  I am so challenged at writing in a straight line or placing items on my cards or layouts in a straight line that I thought it would be a very useful tool to have around.  Just turn on the laser and write or place your items and everything should be straight without having to get out the old ruler and pencil.  Two rulers could be purchased and then locked together to form a nice square corner and to aide finding  center point on a piece of paper.
When I saw this item today and it was a one piece unit with two lasers AND a cutter I was totally stoked!  The lasers are turned on and off with the pink-ish button on the bottom.  Move the laser's position with the sliders located on each clearly marked ruler.  In the picture I used an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and set the top slider to 4/ 14 and the side ruler to 5 1/2 to find center point.  To use the horizontal laser as a writing guide, simply move the vertical laser slider all the way to the left or right and it will be out of the way. When finished using the ruler, it folds and locks for easy storage. MSRP listed on the box is $29.99 and Tuesday's price is only $9.99 which I considered a steal. This item is my Deal of the Day and I highly recommend it.  Hmmm...I'm loving this tool so much -  could it be a future blog candy?  What do you think??

What a fun day shopping!  I wish every day was Saturday afternoon at Tuesday Morning. 


  1. i jsut got the trimmer today. haven't used it yet, but i'm hopeful.

  2. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for one of these! Could I could you send me one if I pay you via paypal..PLEASSSSSEEEEE?????


  3. where can i buy this ruler ?

  4. Hi, could you please let me know where I can purchase the laser ruler from ? I have been searching for one for ages ! Thanks :-)

  5. PLease please where can I get this ruler???? The link is broken. Thanks!!!!!!!


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