Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something To Crow About - Imagine Review

I ordered the Imagine at the HSN launch and was so excited for it to arrive that I couldn't sleep for a week!  When it arrived on a Wednesday, I was dead tired both physically and mentally from work and decided to wait until the weekend when I was more rested to open the box and set it up.  That very same evening, as I sat on the computer longingly staring at the box, I couldn't stand it any more and ripped into it.  I figured I could at least drag it out of the box and set it on the counter and eyeball it up close and personal for a few days.  First, let me say it is HEAVY (at least to me it  DH fell off of a roof a few weeks ago and suffered a broken shoulder, wrist and rib so he couldn't help and I wasn't sure I could lift it from the floor to the counter top myself.   There was no need to worry. My adrenalin kicked in and I hoisted that puppy up there like it was a sack of feathers!  DH came in an commented on what a beautiful, professional looking machine it was and I wholeheartedly agreed.  After gazing at it for a few more minutes I decided to watch the set up video to be better prepared for the weekend.  It looked pretty simple (even for technology challenged me) so I stopped the video after each step Jinger explained and repeated the instructions on my machine. Fifteen minutes later I was making my first cut.  Unbelievable!!   
Now, several weeks later, I have made more cards than I've made in the past two years.  The machine is fun, easy to use and produces professional looking results that still have a handmade touch to them.  
The amount of time that I save not having to search for coordinating colors of cardstock and patterned paper is what I love.  It's not that I don't enjoy doing that - I do.  I love paper!!  It's just the time factor...I have very little to spare. This machine saves me time and even though there is more cost involved for ink, the time saved allows me to enjoy creating and producing more projects.  It works for me!
By using the layer option, the pre-made images can be broken down into individual pieces and from there the sky is the limit on what you can do with them.  My example is my "Something To Crow About" card.  I like the title, which was pre-made, but wasn't sure what to do for the main image.  Just cutting two additional crows and increasing their size was a super easy solution.
I know my info is pretty basic, but that's what I am.  A simple scrapper!!  Lol.  If I can figure out even the most elementary tricks I get very excited and I hope it will be info that will help someone else who may be techno challenged like me.

Thanks for looking!  Talk to you all soon!


  1. I like the crow card! Your blog looks great. Your write-ups are great too.
    Sharon (scrappyone)

  2. Thank you Sharon! I appreciate you taking time to comment.


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