Monday, October 18, 2010

Sometimes Life Stinks

One of the first mistakes I made when using the imagine was misunderstanding the True and Relative size options.  I had an idea that True meant real dial size was on and that relative meant all the cuts would be layered proportionately.  The problem was I couldn't tell when the option button was highlighted with green or white, which color meant the function was activated.  To test this out, I used the cute little skunk from the Nursery Tails cartridge.  I touched the relative button until it turned green.  I figured green meant "go."   Nope.  All the layers were the same size.  Tried the same cut again highlighting the button to white and all the layers were proportioned to fit together perfectly.  Ahhhhh.....success was mine!  I promptly stuck a yellow sticky note with directions right above my imagine so I won't forget which is which in the future.  Many of my sister scrappers who are also over fifty may understand and appreciate the need for lots of sticky notes. <grin>
Not wanting to waste the extra cuts made during my experiment, I decided to put together a card.  I  cut an un-layered image of the skunk scene for the front and used the extras to make a pop up inside.  The verse says "Sometimes life just stinks!  Hope your world is smelling like roses again soon!!"  I thought it would be cute to give to someone who may be having a bad day or going through some rough times.


Cartridges Used:  Nursery Tails for the skunk scene and Micky and Friends for the rose in the skunk's hand.
Cardstock:  Just scraps from my scrap bin

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that your day ends up smelling like roses!  <smile>


  1. Awwww... This card is adorable!!! Love it! Great blog!

  2. Isnt that little guy so cute! I too just used him today too. TFS


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