Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Digital Delights

A few years ago I purchased Photoshop Elements 7 at my local Costco and it included a bonus CD called Learn Digital Scrapbooking.  My purpose in buying PSE7 was mainly to use it as a photo editor to enhance my pictures that I use for traditional scrapping.  I had never given any thought to trying digital because I figured it would be too complicated.
One quiet evening I decided to take a look at the bonus CD and was surprised at how well it was done.  The instructor, Linda Sattgast, gave step by step instructions for both PC and Mac users that were clear and easy to follow.  Before long, I was able to create digital layouts on my own and I've been hooked ever since.
The thing I like best is that it's economical.  Scrapping Kits are usually around the $5 range and have several papers and elements that can be used over and over again.  You'll never run out of your favorite paper again!!  Colors and patterns can be changed to suit your needs.   Many blogs offer free kits as well.  I also like the freedom that comes with knowing that any mistakes I make are so easy to correct.  Just a click of two of the undo button and my project is free of any scrapping blunders without ruining an expensive sheet of paper.
If you've ever considered digital scrapping I would highly recommend checking out Scrapper's Guide website and take a look at some of Linda's tutorials.  Some are free and some you pay for.  There is a  weekly email you can sign up for that offers free lessons.  I also joined the Premier membership which includes 4 video lessons , a newsletter, a digital kit and a pre-designed book of quick pages to download  each month for the price of $35 per year.

Here is the link to Scrapper's Guide: http://www.scrappersguide.com/ 

This is one of my first digital layouts made when Addison was about 9 months old.  It is made from a kit by my favorite designer Irene Alexeeva.  It was inspired by a quick page created by her and I just added a few of my own touches and the most important element....Addy!!   If you like dreamy, ethereal artwork then you will love Irene's kits.  You can visit her blog and if you like what you see she has links to her online store from there:  http://irenealexeeva.blogspot.com/2010_10_01_archive.html

Another layout inspired by Irene Alexeeva's kits.  I believe this one was a sample I saw on her website and I duplicated it.

I have some more pics to share but it's getting late so will have to continue another day.  Thanks for stopping by and have a scrap happy day!

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