Saturday, October 23, 2010

Simple Halloween Card

Several weeks ago I attended the Circle Meet Up in Arizona.  What a fun time!   Got to meet some very nice people from PC and from my local area.  We exchanged calling cards and Halloween cards.  With Halloween just around the corner,  I thought I'd share the easy to make card I did.  Just used some patterned paper and ribbon on the front and cut the spider from Paper Doll Dress Up.  The verse inside took longer to think up than the card did!   Not sure if the photo will be clear enough that it's readable so here it is: 

Big black cats, vampire bats
A witch stirs her brew
Ghosts of white, haunt the night
With a frightening "BOO!"
Monsters roam, in the gloam
Up and down streets
At your door, wanting more
Halloween Treats
Keep Handy, some candy
To make things alright
When spooks come and want some
On Halloween night!


  1. Saw this one on the MB and it is such a great card!
    Cricut Diaries

  2. Love this card! It does not look simple at all and the sentiment is great!!!


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