Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Grouping

I've determined that I'm a lazy crafter.  A couple 2 or 3 hours tops is the optimum amount of time I want to spend on a project.  Anything more than that and it feels more like work instead of fun.  Now, this may change once I retire and have more free time. As long as I am a working girl, I do prefer quickies. 

The projects below are good examples of what I consider fast and fun projects.  The pink Bunny box pushed the boundaries a little bit and took a a while longer but in this case was worth it because it is just so darn cute.

I've also determined that I'm a cheapskate crafter.  Often my projects don't look as stunning or picture perfect as they could because I'm too cheap to use my good paper.  <blushing>   I use a lot of my 8.5 x 11 paper that I get for cheaps at Michael's when it's on sale.  Often, the colors aren't perfect and I'll settle for the wrong shade so I don't have to break into my "premium" stacks of 12 x 12. It kills me to do so!  Is that wrong?!

Am I the only one with these quirks?

The bunnies on each end are Silhouette files, the yellow basket is from my Cricut DS subscription and of course the infamous bunny box that everyone has been making is from SVG Cuts.

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