Sunday, February 15, 2015

Whining Part 1

 It's been so long since I last posted anything on this poor neglected blog that I wasn't even sure it still existed. So happy it's still here!

My computer crashed hard a few years ago.  I was really into Photoshop Elements and digital scrap booking and arts at the time.  I lost about $3000 worth of digital files and loads of family photos that it had taken me a long time to scan into my computer. Yep, I had them backed up - on an external hard drive and wouldn't you know that it was fried too so I lost everything.  I called Data Doctors to get an estimate for them to attempt to retrieve my files but the cost was prohibitive.  The monetary loss was difficult but it was mostly the time - years of work that I lost.  It broke my spirit to the core and I took a very long break from being creative at all. I am with a new computer and will be checking out different methods of saving my data more reliably (i.e. no more external hard drives).

The gift package below was created with the fabulous Cricut Explore.  Although it is wonderful, for therapeutic reasons, I am going to whine a little bit in my next post over my displeasure with ProvoCraft/Cricut the past couple years.  No worries - it has a happy ending.

My wonderful neighbor Laura is always doing nice things.  I wanted to say thank you so made this handmade gift package and left it by her front door.  The cutting board was from the dollar store and I personalized it with vinyl.  The kitchen utensils are an SVG file that was shared on a Facebook group I belong to.  The little handbag contains two EOS lip balms and of course there is a thank you card as well.

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