Sunday, November 7, 2010

Out of Bounds

It's hard to believe how quickly this past week flew by!  It's been a busy one again.  Work as usual but also some fun stuff.  Did some shopping at Papercrafting Pro and was very happy with the prices and how quickly they ship.  Imagine carts were only $40, full size NEW regular carts for $25 - $27 and new solutions carts for $16.  Those are Black Friday prices so I went ahead and ordered several.  Now, if Walmart reduces the price of the Lite carts on BF, I'll be a happy scrapper for sure.  : )
I made a few more Imagine cards this week but haven't taken pics yet.  Will do that tomorrow or the next day and get them posted here.
For today, I just want to share a quick digital picture I did last night using the newly released Photoshop Elements 9.  There is a technique called Out of Bounds that I like to do but it can be time consuming.  The idea is to take a regular picture and make it look like and object or person is coming out of the frame.  Elements 9 now has a guided edit that makes it so much easier to do.  Just a few quick clicks creates these fun little photos and they are sure to get a reaction from the people you show them to.

My son Chris and Addison sliding down a slide at the park.

Hope you enjoyed looking and be sure to stop back soon.  I'll be getting the new Imagine cards posted as soon as possible. 

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