Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vinyl on Glass Cutting Board

One of the hot items to find when you're out shopping right now is the mini see through cutting boards at the Dollar Tree.  I've been to every store on my side of town without luck.  Last weekend I finally scored and found 4 of the round ones.  They are small - about 7 3/4 inches in diameter.  The small size and small cost make them a perfect canvas to practice on while learning to work with vinyl.

I picked up this free SVG file today at My Scrap Chick and liked it so much I decided to use it on one of the mini cutting boards.

Here are a few mistakes I made and will hopefully not repeat next time:
  • When working on a non porous surface like glass use the wet method to apply the vinyl.  The first time I applied the vinyl dry and was unable to remove all the bubbles so I scraped it off and started over. 
  • Put a little bit of liquid soap in the mister bottle and shake well. 
  • Use a mister bottle that sprays very fine. Less water is better than more.
  • The wet method will also be more forgiving.  If the artwork goes on a bit crooked there is some forgiveness and it is possible to reposition it.
  • When using the wet method, don't use clear contact paper as the transfer tape.  It takes longer for the water underneath to dry than it does when using paper backed transfer tape.  I want instant gratification and don't want to wait 24 hours to remove the tape!  I was doing good to wait 30 minutes and had to work carefully with it even then.
  • If planning on placing the artwork on the back side of the glass, don't forget to mirror the image before cutting!!!!  I had to do two cuts because I forgot the first time.
This sentiment is entirely true!

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  1. Thank you So much for your post, I have been doing glass cutting boards for a few months and the worse part was applying it to the glass. Did not think about this method until one day I asked my husband how was it he put it on car windows with soapy water, he explained and I tried it. It takes awhile to dry and I used the hair dryer, may have cut down a little of the dry time, but it will be so much easier now. Thanks again.


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